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Blackbeard's Crew, founded in the year of our lord 2000, is a living history performance group dedicated to the accurate representation of seafaring life in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, specifically the time period between1650-1730 better known as     "The Golden Age of Piracy".

scalawag school yorktown 1.jpg  Scalawag School For Aspiring Pirates, a Blackbeards Crew exclusive learning experiance. Learn how to talk and act like a real pirate
A sunset cruise aboard the Explorer during a Blackbeards Crew event 
Clockwise from top left: Cap'n Pern demonstrates how to talk like a Pirate, Clive issues instructions to new recruits during the Scalawag School for Aspiring Pirates,  Underway on the Explorer with Coxswain Dutch barking commands.

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